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Meeting active singles to enjoy the outdoors with

Outdoor Dating was set up by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with different interests and hobbies who were struggling to find activity partners and even dates with people in the UK who have similar interests.


We are interested in walking, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, biking and other outdoor activities and we know that there are many others out there who like the same thing, but just can't seem to find an activity partner or make a new friend to enjoy it with.


Our dating members come from all walks of life, but they all have one passion which is essential - their love for the outdoors. So please join over 200,000 other outdoor enthusiasts and see if you can find your perfect partner.


To help you find a partner, friend or someone special, we have provided:


Online dating section - We have developed an online dating system that will allow you to find others who are looking for that special relationship. It's free to register, and you only have to become and member if you want to email or reply to a potential date.


Get tips on dating safely - We realise that arranging an active date, such as meeting outdoors can leave you a little apprehensive, especially if you're a woman meeting a man for the first time. So to help we've conpiled a list of tips for dating safely and suggested a number of safe locations where you can meet for your first outdoor activity date.


Dating Safely Online

You've found someone who seems interesting, you've talked online and sent emails to each other and now it's time to meet. So how do you stay safe when meeting a stranger from the Internet? And where are good places to meet up?


Read our tips on setting up and safely meeting with someone for the first time including suggestions on which activities are best for a first date.